Discuss finances

To take the next step in finding your new home you need to know what you can realistically afford and how you will finance it. It’s important that you get the right advice, which is why we can offer you the services of our independent financial advisor, who will search a wealth of products and give you detailed advice based on your personal situation.

Appreciate the additional costs

There are several additional costs involved when buying a property, some of which you may not have calculated for. As well as Stamp Duty, legal fees, survey costs and moving fees, it’s worth keeping a bit aside for those unforeseen expenses.
For a clear indication of your main additional costs we can put you in touch with the experts so you can ensure you have everything in place

Current homeowners

Before you can proceed with purchasing your new home you may need to wait to sell your current one. Don’t delay in contacting us, as we can assist you in many ways to get you moving. Our vast database alone can potentially identify people seeking a property like yours.
We always ensure that each potential buyer passes our qualification process, so you know that any viewing is serious and could result in finding you that one person you need to get your property sold.

Do your research

The house you buy may not be the one you were seeking. What may seem right on paper could be completely wrong in reality. It’s always worth doing your research, and driving past the property at different times of the day will give you an insight to the local area.
Schools may be an important factor in your move – are you up to date with where the catchment areas are? Does the area offer you the amenities and commuter links you need to enhance rather than hinder your lifestyle?
Moving home is about more than just the property, you are joining a community, so make sure it’s right for you, should you be buying on your own or as a family.

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